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Exceed your expectations of strength & aesthetics when you partner with us for your plastic fabrication needs

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Custom Forming Methods To Best Suit Your Design

Using the latest custom forming methods and procedures, we provide you with a variety of forming options, including curved and straight line, to best suit your product design. Our production is well equipped and trained in several heating methods, including air circulating ovens, radiant heat, and more, providing you with the best suited methods for your material and design chosen.

Our in-house annealing capability keeps your product development costs down and shortens lead time by eliminating the need for additional suppliers. The process of properly heating and cooling plastics minimizes internal stress induced by bending, forming, machining, and other fabrication operations. Annealing minimizes crazing and cracking and has shown to increase bond strength significantly. By providing in-house annealing, we are able to control every aspect of the deep drawing process.

High Quality Components at Fast Lead Times

Our CNC capabilities of up to 60” x 96” allow us to accommodate a wide range of part sizes, from very small to very large. Stay ahead of your product launch schedule using our variety of CNC capabilities, including precision drilling, routing, turning, and engraving. Our access to such a vast array of in-house capabilities allows us to produce high quality components at the fastest possible rates.

Aesthetic Products with Structural Strength

Our knowledgeable sourcing team has the ability to source a range of materials in order to provide you with a variety of types, quantity, and quality. This allows us to be responsive to your needs and help get your new product to market faster. We can source product from a wide range of other suppliers, including domestic and international, as needed. Using our extensive list of materials, we work with you to select the best option to meet your desired product characteristics, such as cosmetic appearance, impact resistance, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and stiffness.

When appearance is a priority for your new product, our expertise in polishing allows us to offer the best and most cost effective polishing method for every application and material to create an aesthetic product. Our production staff is experienced in a variety of polishing methods to best suit your needs, including machine polishing, hand buff polishing, solvent polishing, and simple flame polishing.

In plastic welding and bonding, our solvent and two part cements allow us to produce clear, clean bonds that will exceed your strength and aesthetic expectations when combined with polishing. Using our bonding processes, we can construct small to very large components with excellent structural strength, such as museum vitrines and large fume hoods.

Serious About Quality

We’re serious about quality and employ a thorough series of quality control evaluations to certify our work. Our advanced production capabilities allow us to meet exacting specifications and plastic fabrication design that will help you outperform.

For more information about our plastic fabrication services or our other capabilities, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Plastic Fabrication in Action

Plastic Fabrication Photo Gallery


Plastic Fabrication Capabilities

Fabrication Processes CNC Cutting
Laser Cutting
Drape Forming
Line Bending
Polishing Machine Polishing
Hand Buff Polishing
Solvent Polishing
Flame Polish
Materials Acrylic
Foam & Rigid PVC
Many more - contact us to discuss our range of material options
Material Characteristics Impact Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Welding & Bonding Methods Special Solvents
Two Part Cements
Heat Welding
Solvent Bonding Up to 1/2"
Two-Part Acrylic Cement Bonding Over 1/2"
Drape Forming Curved Shapes
Line Bending Straight line bends
Riveting Metal
Laser Cutting Plastic Shapes (outsourced)
Fabrication Edge Types Drill
Counter Sink/Bore
Decorating Silk Screening (outsourced)
Additional Service Provided Engineering
Design for Manufacturability
In-House Tool Design, Fabrication, & Maintenance


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We provide custom manufacturing and engineering design consulting, standard and made-to-order parts, and custom tool fabrication.

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