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Engineering Design Consulting

Learn how our engineering and design services can boost productivity and save you money

Experienced Engineers as an Extension of Your Team

When you partner with Vollrath Manufacturing Services, our experienced team of engineers acts as an extension of your in-house team. Through our engineering design consulting, we help you reduce the barriers and long lead times of typical new product development environments.

Reduced NPD Barriers

We help you design for manufacturability by solving potential problems. This allows us to minimize risk and provide cost savings. Whether you already have a part design or not, we are here to assist you with your new product development – from design to production.

Extension of Your Team

Our expertise in engineering and manufacturing allows us to collaborate with you and give input back to you to achieve a much more cost-effective design and quality product. We possess a willingness to push each other to get to something extraordinary. We don’t just move forward on a job if an improved solution exists – we challenge your engineering department by offering solutions you may not have considered. This candor results in highly engineered solutions that deliver better performing end products and lower total program costs.

Breadth of Solutions

We have a broad array of in-house capabilities, applications, and material sources at our fingertips. This breadth and depth empowers us to be flexible and enables us to solve problems for our customers in ways that are beyond the reach of a typical contract manufacturer.

Early Supplier Involvement

Early supplier involvement is immensely beneficial to not only us, but the customer as well. Being brought onto a project early on when a product is first being developed allows us to work through the desired product features with your engineering team. We can discuss what aspects of your design we can do, what would be challenging to produce, and what options we have.

By helping you understand the pitfalls that lie ahead, we can collaboratively make design changes right from the start in order to create a more manufacturable part. This provides you with minimized risk and increased speed-to-market.

3D Printer

Rapid Prototyping

Validate your part design using our rapid prototyping services. Testing a part design while still in the design phase provides you with time and cost savings by assuring the part’s form, fit, and function before moving onto production. Our prototype models are detailed and accurate, allowing you to detect design flaws ahead of time.

Material coils

Sourcing Expertise

Our knowledgeable sourcing team has the ability to source material from a wide range of suppliers and provide you with an extensive offering of types, quantity, and quality of material. Our flexibility in material allows us to be responsive to your needs and get your product to market faster.

Our designers will be happy to work with you to select the appropriate material for your application and performance requirements. At Vollrath Manufacturing Services, our quality starts with premium stainless steel, aluminum, copper, acrylic, resin or other materials and ends with custom parts of all sizes and shapes.


Cutting-Edge Technology

At Vollrath, we thrive on technology and innovation. It's not unusual for us to produce finished components, taken to the highest level of quality and cost effectiveness, thanks to our proprietary engineering and manufacturing techniques.

We continuously invest in advanced manufacturing technologies to improve quality and efficiency. Whatever the size or complexity your run may be, our robot-driven automation can optimize product quality, boost production capacity and reduce manufacturing costs. Our experienced engineers also use the latest 3D solid modeling software for tooling and part design and can work with a variety of file types.

Custom tooling build

Custom Tooling Design & Build

Need a unique tool die design? Our talented tool designers and craftsmen will work with you to create custom tooling to your exact specifications and interface with the product design team to ensure efficient, time-sensitive construction of tooling. All of our custom tooling is done in-house, allowing us to control the process from design through production.

We also offer a vast selection of in-stock tool dies that can potentially be modified to create the part you need in order to get a fast and cost-efficient start on your new product development.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a way of life at Vollrath Manufacturing Services. We strive for continuous quality improvement through our quality equipment, policies and procedures, and knowledgeable engineers and technicians. Our ISO certified facilities are equipped with quality management systems, utilizing precise instruments and controlled processes. Our dedication to quality ensures your part exceeds your expectations of performance.


We provide custom manufacturing and engineering design consulting, standard and made-to-order parts, and custom tool fabrication.

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